Global Branding Ltd. - London

Global Branding (GB) is a London based limited consultancy company.


Global Branding's speciality is branding and marketing of places in all their prominent sectors, especially in tourism.

Global Branding Ltd is a sister company of Markakent Place Management Company in Turkey, which has tremendous place marketing background since 2001.


Turkey is the 6th most tourist-attracting country in the world. This success is the result of competent planning and implementation.   


Both companies;

  • Managed the tourism place management processes of 34 cities,

  • Developed strategic tourism plans for 30 cities,

  • Completed 122 projects in 52 cities,

  • Developed 134 new tourism destinations,

  • Prepared 212 new itineraries,

  • Convinced 175 travel agents to include itineraries in their portfolios,

  • Introduced new destinations to 410 travel agents,

  • Introduced new destinations to 308 travel agents,

  • Promoted 25 places in tourism fairs around the world,

  • Produced 247 different tourism promotion materials (ads, flyers brochures, maps, catalogues..)

  • Received 8 awards related to place marketing projects.

  • Had lots of Place Management success stories such as Bilecik City. The annual number of tourists increased from 15,000 to 1.2 million in 5 years.

(Documents and testimonials can be presented upon request)

After the above achievements, a tremendous experience has emerged;

  • The expectations of tourists from the destinations,

  • Ways to convince travel agents to put the destination up for sale,

  • Ways of promoting the destinations to tourist guides,

  • Promotional needs of tourism stakeholders.