Creation Tourism Package Tour Programs

More than  a hundred travel agencies use GB Teams' tour packages

It is extremely necessary to bring together the unlimited tourist expectations with tourism brand values in numerous varieties in order to become a preferred destination in tourism. The products where these meet are called tour programs. The tourism area becomes a preferred destination if the tour programs that grab customer expectations are written successfully. 


Herein, as Global Branding Team, we created tour package programs of 34 tourism destinations.


Content Creation

GB Team carried out field research in order to determine the tourism types of the cities whose package tours to be created. Thus, we have identified the brand values to be used in tens of tourism types on site.


Organizing Tourism Stakeholders

GB Team organized people in a way to ensure that prospective tourists would be accommodated in the best possible way by personally arranging persons who would provide services in tour programs.

Identifying Tourism Types

In order to be able to develop tour packages in tens of tourism types such as history, culture, gastronomy, adventure, nature, etc., it is absolutely necessary to have a vigorous command in all working processes of these tourism types. GB Team has accumulated immense experience in identifying many tourism types and presenting programs related to them as a result of the thousands of interviews and months-long research that we conducted in my tourism development background of 12 years. 


Writing Tourism Package Tour Programs

GB Team does not only develop strategies in the field, but can also single-handedly write tour package programs. For this reason, more than 100 tourism agencies used package programs that we wrote.