Global Branding Ltd. is also serving placed as a Marketing and Advertising Agency. Global Branding has revealed endeavors creating differences and adding value for its customers by its expert, academic-infrastructure, marketing and creative teams.

The main goal of GB is to serve in several scopes beginning from logo design to media planning in television and other advertising mediums to converse a place to a brand.

Some of these place are Bilecik, Giresun, Samsun, etc

Global Branding Team made market analyses, target group determinations, tourism types analyses, and S.W.O.T. analyses and prepared Strategic Marketing Planning for places.        

Global Branding Team run scope survey and market analyses of places, which S.W.O.T analyses shall be done, one-to-one and by using interviewing past, the team also run interviews analyzing psychological situations of target tourist groups.            

GB Team also guided places at the stage of carrying places’ strategies into effect and they also took management of advertising campaigns that were prepared by the place’s creative departments. By courtesy of that, GB Team took place in workshop stages of all creative endeavours from logo preparation to the brochure, catalogue, advertisement, poster, website, and promotion films.

GB Team also realized media planning stages of advertising works, prepared. Either they determined digital media campaigns and also managed to purchase processes on behalf of the companies through online channels and TV advertisements.