Destination Management

Global Branding Consultancy

Global Branding (GB) is a London based limited consultancy company.


Global Branding Consultancy’s specialty is branding and marketing of cities in all their prominent sectors especially in tourism (City branding).


GB Team worked in Turkey for 19 years and then carried its headquarters to the UK. Turkey is the 6th most tourist-attracting country in the world. This success is the result of competent planning and implementation. Global Branding team has also carried out extensive works for 19 years in order for Turkey to become one of the leading destinations in the tourism sector. It performed branding of 34 provinces of Turkey that has 81 provinces in total in the field of tourism.   



Many of these provinces have successfully become attractive destinations in terms of tourism. For example, the number of tourists who came to visit Bilecik Province increased from 15.000 to 1.200.000 as a result of the works executed. Many provinces’, like Bilecik, Tourism Development Plans prepared by GB team and entrusted us to manage all their branding processes. 


Identifying Tourism Types

In order to be able to develop tour packages in tens of tourism types such as history, culture, gastronomy, adventure, nature, etc., it is absolutely necessary to have a vigorous command in all working processes of these tourism types. GB Team has accumulated immense experience in identifying many tourism types and presenting programs related to them as a result of the thousands of interviews and months-long research that we conducted in GB tourism development background of 18 years. 


Developing Tourism Package Tour Programs

GB Team does not only develop strategies in the field but can also single-handedly write tour package programs. For this reason, more than 100 tourism agencies used package programs that we wrote.